New posts on the new space!!

Hi guys! I just wanted to do a little roundup/summary of the posts I’ve shared on my NEW BLOG last week. Click the links to see the full blog post with more photos!

Monday June 9: My mom and I went to the Mississauga Bread & Honey Festival for a walk around the booths, to people watch, and best of all, free bread and honey!! So yummy! I used to go to this festival every year when I was younger so it definitely gave me a dose of deja vu.

Tuesday June 10: Andrew and I stopped by one of the COOLEST places I’ve ever been so far: Cheltenham Badlands. It’s basically dead farming land that water flow has moulded into a crazy landscape. The red of the shale was in such brilliant contrast with the bright green trees and the clear blue sky!

Thursday June 12: This post talked about my favourite summer scents. I’ve never been a perfume kind of gal; I think it has to do with the ridiculous prices and not being able to find the perfect scent that suits me. I do, however, still love to smell good so I share my 8 go-to, somewhat nontraditional, scents!

Saturday June 14: I’m pretty sure I mentioned my love for iPhone wallpapers before on this space. The other day while browsing through some of my wallpaper apps, I came across a few that would be perfect prints to add to a kitchen for a little colour and whimsy. If anyone knows who the artists of these illustrations are please let me know!

Sunday June 15: Happy belated Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads, uncles, and grandfathers out there! To celebrate my dad, I chose to postpone my Friday Five for Sunday to make it Father’s Day Five where I shared my five favourite throwback photos of my dad and I.

And that’s it for last week’s posts! Thank you so much for your continued readership of my blog and I hope to see you over on my new space!



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