New Blog, New Posts: Roundup!

Happy Sunday everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to share links to the posts I’ve written on my new blog over here with you guys in case you haven’t seen my new space yet, or haven’t yet made the switch. Here’s a recap of this past week’s posts:

MAY 25: After rain smorgasbord at my feeder


In this post I talk about (and show pictures) of the birds that completely demolished my bird bell feeder!

MAY 27: Taking Stock, 1

In this quick sort of tag-like post, I basically answer things like “wanting”, “wishing”, “hoping”. This will become a questionnaire I answer every 3 months or so.

MAY 30: Friday Five – Camera Wishlist


I shared the top 5 (ridiculously expensive) things on my camera wishlist! Among them is this beautiful camera bag from a Kelly Moore collaboration with A Beautiful Mess which can convert to a huge carry-all!

JUNE 1: May Snapshots


I’ll be posting snapshots at the end of every month. They’re basically the photos that didn’t fit into any one particular post, but (in my opinion) are still worth sharing!

And those are all the posts for this week! See you on my new space!



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