Cecille Guanzon Jabier, Super Mom

Sorry I’ve been out of the game this past week, blame strep throat. A reluctant visit to the doctor’s office, however, has me taking antibiotics three times a day and I have to say that I’m feeling MUCH better; I actually got to eat eggs today! While that might not seem like a huge deal, consider that I’ve been living off soup and tea for a week. No. Fun.

ANYWAY, enough about me. I’m actually really glad that I’m feeling better today because it’s Mother’s Day! I wasn’t able to get my mom a tangible gift but I thought I would express my love through this post.


This is my mom, Cecille. She’s a stroke survivor, a birthday party planner extraordinaire, and just a generally awesome person. I have a lot to thank her for.


Ever since I was little you encouraged my imagination. You always told me to stand up for myself, and to this day I remind myself that no one’s opinion matters except yours. You forged your own path when you were about my age and I don’t know if you know, but all the stories you tell and re-tell about your wonder years only serve to inspire my own adventure.

Thank you for not giving up when you had your stroke. If you had, I wouldn’t have my confidant, my fashion consultant, my rant receiver.

Thank you for planning and creating such fun and memorable birthday parties. Thank you for making those yummy barbecue hot dogs and bringing them for my class on my birthday. Seeing that Esmeralda costume, however, reminded me of how you ruined my Sailor Moon tiara one Halloween. I’m sorry but I will hold a grudge against you for that forever; but you already knew that. I’ll never let you forget.


Mostly I just want to say thank you for being my mom. For never pushing me to become anything but what I wanted to be. You’re always behind me, ready to give me a dose of reality, and a push forward. You’ve always believed in me. You’re my Lorelai Gilmore… Actually, you’re much more than that.


This little poem by Tyler Knott Gregson should explain why you’re the best:

I am who I am
on this day,
the heart following
soul spilling
magic trusting
story telling
and utterly soaked in love
child at heart,
not because you ever 
asked me
to follow in your footsteps,
but always,
allowed me to make my own.

So again, thank you mom. Thank you for screaming “G’MORNIN” in my ear to wake me up, thank you for those stories we used to make up, thank you thank you thank you. You’re presence means much more to me than I tend to show.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my wonderful mom and all the other amazing, hard working, loving mothers and grandmothers out there. You guys rock.


2 responses to “Cecille Guanzon Jabier, Super Mom

  1. Kudos to your incredible Mum and incredible you for writing such an incredible post. Happy Belated Mother’s Day to Tita Cecille!

    p.s. your blog amazes me..


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