Sore Throat Remedies

Happy Tuesday everyone!


As you can probably tell from the very flattering above selfie, I’ve been feeling pretty crummy lately (which is why I’ve been AWOL), so crummy I missed the 10 year Mean Girls anniversary (Wednesday April 30.. and I didn’t even wear pink, ugh), Star Wars Day, and Cinco De Mayo so needless to say I’m pretty disappointed.

What’s really been bothering me these past few days is my throat. I tend to freak out whenever I get a sore throat because it brings back bad memories of when I had mono in high school. It was hands down one of the worst experiences of my life; I couldn’t breathe, swallow, talk, and all those other things you need to function in daily life. So whenever my throat gets scratchy I really go apesh*t trying to remedy it so I decided to share the natural ones that never let me down!



I do this before I go to sleep, when I wake up, and sometimes in the middle of the day. The salt helps reduce inflammation in your throat and flushes out bacteria. Just dissolve about 1 tsp in 1 cup of water and you’re good to gargle!



I’m going to say off the bat that this one is not favoured by many but it does work! The acidity in the vinegar helps kill bacteria while the honey coats and soothes your sore throat. It will be pretty vinegar-y, yes, but the honey offsets the tang quite well. Just mix 1 tbsp ACV and 1 tbsp honey with 1 cup warm water and enjoy! (Psst, if you don’t want to drink it you can always gargle it instead).


IMG_1163 IMG_1183

I’ve been reading mixed opinions on whether Vitamin C actually helps fight colds/coughs/sore throats but I’ve been a fan of VitC since I was little. Not only does it taste yummy, it’s known to boost your immune system (so it can’t hurt). I opted for 100% pure unpasteurized orange juice and Happy Planet extreme C fruit smoothie which is loaded with VitC goodness including apples, mangoes, oranges, and more.



Chamomile is known to be a natural pain-killer and relaxant. This lovely smelling tea will help soothe the irritation in your throat! Just steep one tea bag once your water has boiled, add honey and lemon if you want, and enjoy!


Okay I don’t have a picture for this one but it’s pretty obvious. Drinking lots of water will help your body heal and will keep your irritated throat lubricated.


Okay that’s it for me today! These are just the remedies that are tried and true, and work best for me but there are a ton of other things you can try so click HERE to find out more! Thanks for bearing with me. I think I’ll feel well enough to get on with my post schedule tomorrow; I’ve got a lot of awesome things coming up. Cheerio!

Oh and let me know in the comments what kinds of sore throat remedies work for you, I’d love to know!




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