Ouch: A List

Ohayou gozaimasu! The drop in temperature and the rain definitely messed me up some yesterday; I was completely off my game. I’m back today, though, with a little reflection on my clumsiness for Humpday Happy!

Now when I say I’m clumsy, I’m 100% serious. Just this morning I tripped over a broom that wasn’t even in my way… The following is a list of ways that I hurt myself on a regular basis. I hope you can relate (so I know I’m not alone in my pain), and if not (lucky you), I hope it at least gives you a chuckle.


  1. Discovering a cut on your finger via lemon juice and/or nail polish.
  2. When the lead breaks off your pencil and hits you in the eye.
  3. Burning your tongue on delicious, yet scalding hot food.
  4. Stubbing your toe (who put that bed there anyway?).
  5. Putting your headphones on without first adjusting the volume from when you were jamming full blast last night.
  6. When your horrible singing voice hurts your ear drums.
  7. When the shower turns Antarctic cold or Inferno hot because someone flushed the toilet.
  8. Hitting your head on a closed car window while attempting to look out..
  9. Getting your hair caught while closing the car door or window.
  10. Stepping on Lego and/or butterfly clips.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 10 painful things I do on a regular basis, It’s kind of funny because now that I’m done this list I’m thinking up more clumsy things that I do but I’ll save that for another time.

Have a good night!



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