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Happy Monday!

Travel has always been high on my life list of things to do. I have this unending urge to see everything (and I genuinely mean everything) the world has to offer. That being said I can’t just pick up and go… yet, so for now I’m living vicariously through many Instagrammers who either travel or live in places that I would love to visit.

I thought that I would share some of my favourite accounts in a series I’ll call Instatravel! Here’s part ONE.


She always seems to find the hidden gems that look like they were taken right from a fairytale. Her photos make me want to explore a deep forest off the beaten path. See her official website here!


Speaking of fairytales, his “Follow Me” look ridiculously fantastical. Murad (and his girlfriend? fiance? who is in most of his photos) makes monuments and sights look glamorous. I do some serious vicarious traveling through his p.o.v photos.


Nicolle’s photos of Portland only serve to heighten my desire to move there. I love all the hills and all the green; it makes me want to hike or ride my bike all day!

I hope you enjoyed my first three Instatravelers! See you tomorrow.



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