Backyard Buddies

Ohayou gozaimasu! Happy Sunday!

Here’s my next Photobomb featuring the birds that frequent my backyard.

I so badly wish that I could get a really good close up of this guy; he’s always sitting on the electrical poles looking for prey. He’s got a white belly, brown wings, and a rounded beak. I’m thinking some sort of hawk.

I saw him (or her, I should say) flying around with her babies the next morning!

I always feel so lucky when birds stop on my fence for a little modelling action. It’s usually the robins, weirdly enough.


But that’s not to say that sometimes sparrows want in on some of the action.

I also have to mention that this lucky feeling is heightened exponentially when I’m able to get pictures of this bright red beauty. He never seems to stick around long enough for me to get my camera!

This common grackle also knows something about sticking around. I got him from my bedroom window which is upstairs and from my backyard! I have to say I’m getting pretty good at recognizing individual bird calls; grackles, for example, sound like creaky fences while cardinals whistle. *gives self pat on the back*


Oh my, these birds love the camera (as the camera loves them).

And last for this photobomb, but certainly not least are some of the birds that have visited my DIY bird feeder since I put it up last week. I noticed that they usually come in the early morning and around dusk, and that they love my neighbour’s feeder during the middle of the day because they have a tree. I can’t express my sadness at the fact that my backyard is tree-less.

Have a good night!



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