Reginald and Maude

HI everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far. Here’s my next Photobomb featuring two regulars at the marsh behind my backyard: my duck friends Reginald and Maude!


But first a shot of the Captain.

And these two fence visitors. I’m almost sure the guy on the left is a mourning dove but I can never tell the difference between mourning doves and common ground doves… Let me know if you know!

I can’t get over how amazing my (well my dad’s) 70-300 mm lens is! This was taken from my bedroom window!


And finally we get to the stars of the show: Reginald and Maude. I first saw these two early in the morning a couple of weeks ago and have since seen them at random times in the day. I could seriously spend hours watching them do their thing.. It’s really sad to see the marsh shrinking and shrinking as it gets warmer. It’s times like this when I wished it would rain (then of course automatically regret it once it does rain).

I’m not sure if ducks always come back to the same ponds but I would like to think that it’s the same Reginald and Maude I saw on that first morning. I don’t know about them but I’d be all over having a feeding marsh all to myself!

And of course it snowed the next day when I specifically asked for rain. FYI mother nature, frozen water doesn’t count.

My friend actually wrote a really nice FB status about how the snow wanted to come back again for just one day so we can appreciate it’s beauty one more time before it’s gone which was nice, don’t get me wrong, but damn son, snow in April?! Good thing I can expect not to see any more snow for a few months 🙂



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