DIY Bird Feeder

Happy Friday everyone! It’s supposed to rain in the GTA today and I have to say I’m looking forward it for 2 reasons: 1) the newly washed outdoor smell, and 2) the birds that will be out and about.

Speaking of birds, in this post I wanted to share the bird feeder I made last week! (Eh eh, good segue huh).



A small/medium sized frame
Rope or cord (I used jute rope)
1 bird bell feeder


1. Wrap the cord twice around the length of the frame and tie in a secure knot (repeat with the width of the frame)
2. To be able to hang the feeder, cut 4 long, equal strands of cord and tie each to each corner made by step 1
3. Tie the 4 hanging strands together, making sure the knot centered in the frame (but make sure to create a loop above the knot so you can hang the feeder
4. Place the bird bell in the middle of the frame and attach it to the centre knot using a cord 

And voila! You’re ready to feed the birds. I know that I did a ridiculously crummy job explaining the steps just now so hopefully these next photos instructions will help some. I also realized that this is the struggle of someone who creates things off the top of my head..

I was surprised at how quickly the birds came! My camera is very happy, and so is this red winged black bird.


I should say, though, that I do bring this feeder in when it rains because I’m not sure how the jute cord will hold up if it’s wet. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know if you decide to make this bad boy or let me know if you’ve ever made your own bird feeder.



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