Baked Avocado + Egg

Happy almost Friday! I’ve calmed down a bit about the disappointing news I got the other day so I’m feeling a little better all around.

Let me just preface this post by saying that I don’t particularly like avocados but sometimes I get this craving that won’t go away.. Weirdly the same thing happens with peanut butter. Anyway, I had this exact hankering the other day and I had an idea of what I wanted to make from some Pins that I added to my Yummy board on Pinterest a while back: baked egg in an avocado cup!

I usually get so inspired by images such as these next ones (click them to go to their site) that I get to making before I think to read the instructions…


So here’s my totally winged, yet surprisingly easy recipe for baked avocado + eggs!


1 avocado (halved)
1 egg (whisk it a little)
salt/pepper and cayenne
Parmesan cheese


1. Set your oven for 425F
2. Place your avocado halves in a cupcake tin
3. Pour the egg carefully into the pit of the avocado
4. Cut up some bacon and sprinkle it all over that bad boy
5. Season with salt/pepper and cayenne
6. Add a little Parmesan 


– Place the avocados in the oven (be careful not to spill the egg!)
– Bake for 13-18 minutes for a runny egg
– Microwave for 20 seconds to get a puffed up egg

How amazing does this look? The bacon looks crispy, the Parmesan looks toasty, the avocado looks soft.. Mmmm


Btw, below is what I mean by microwaving the avocado for 20 seconds will give you a puffy egg.

I prefer a “harder” egg while my mom was happy with hers being a little runny. Whatever tickles your pickle!

Now I’m left with this pit which I’ve suspended over water; hopefully it’ll make it to full plant-hood.

Just a few notes about my concoction:

Next time I’ll scoop out some of the avocado to fit more of the egg; it was a tad to avocado-y for my taste but avocados are generally not my thing to begin with.
– Prosciutto would be good instead of bacon, and you wouldn’t;t have to use as much salt.

Let me know down below if you decide to try this recipe out and let me know what other avocado recipes I should try! 🙂



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