Easter Sunday Lunch

Well hello everyone! *said in a Tyler Oakley voice* I’m feeling extra giddy today because I picked myself up a Canon t4i with the 40mm lens I mentioned in a past Friday Five so I can’t wait to put that bad boy to use.

Anyway, on to today’s Easter Weekend Redux post: Easter Sunday family lunch at my uncle’s house!


Spotted this mourning dove at the edge of my neighbour’s roof just before we went for lunch. I used to think there was an owl hiding somewhere on my street because I kept hearing a oo-wOO-woo-woo but it turns out I was tricked by the mourning doves! Such foolery.

Some shots from around my uncle`s house. How cute is the doorstop?! I wish I got a picture of all the branches that were going to be thrown away from the tree in the backyard.. I snagged a couple for a future DIY (you read it here first!).


If there’s anything in this world I can be sure of, it’s that at my family gatherings there is going to be some sport on TV…


… And a story circle around the dining table.


A photobomb in action!


Some definite shade being thrown around.


Working mainly on weekends definitely makes me value the times I get to come to lunches like these (the few times they’re thrown). When I do get to go, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be coming into a house full of people who I’m happy to see and who are happy to see me.

Okay, time to fool around with my brand spankin’ new camera. Cheers!

*EDIT: It occurs to me while re-reading this that my family would most likely hit me over my head for being so mushy, but to that I say “MEH, I still love you guys”



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