Good Friday Family Day

I hope everyone is suffering from minimal post-long-weekend withdrawal. Instead of following my regular schedule and posting a For The Archives instalment (and maybe all my regular instalments) I thought I’d share some tid bits from my Easter Weekend throughout the week.. I’ll call this Easter Weekend Redux (oh how I love that word).

This first bunch of photos are from my family’s outings on Good Friday. Every year my parents, grandma, uncles, and I visit seven churches where we go through 2 Stations of the Cross at each one (there are 14 stations in total). While I haven’t been particularly religious for many years, going to all those churches on Good Friday has been a “thing” (tradition, if you will) since I can remember. In a way, Good Friday has taken on a whole new meaning and has gained a new level of importance in my life because I get to spend the day with my family who I haven’t been able to see much in the recent years because of work and other life related shenanigans.

Anyway, here are some photos I was able to snap during the day.

Some things you’ll see on the way to and in Toronto.


I love that signs like this were posted all along the highway. It’s actually been there since the beginning of winter so it’s nice to see the city supporting love!


I read quite a long time ago about this thing called a Lovebot Invasion hitting Toronto but I never actually stumbled upon one until Friday!

Here’s a quote from the main website:

Lovebot wants to disrupt people’s daily routines and remind them that there is magic in this city and love around every corner, aiming to illuminate the love that exists within Toronto and inspire more.

This is such a “love”ly project (eh, eh)! It’s actually occurring to me now that the “love” signs posted along the highway might actually be part of this project. If so then it’s definitely working because I feel an unexplainable amount of happiness when I see those signs / when I saw the lovebot. Read more about the project HERE and HERE.

Wow can you say tangent? At least it was a good one 🙂 Now more photos!

Some family shots! These were taken on the way to / at the final stop of our Good Friday trip: a prestaraunt we jokingly refer to as “St. Wah Sing” (below).


A little paparazzi shot of my uncle and grandma.

And finally just a few snaps of people who were also out and about on Good Friday.

And that was it for my Good Friday family day! I wish I had taken pictures of what we ate at the restaurant (especially the ginger lobster) but I was so hungry I literally dove right in. Stay tuned for Easter Sunday lunch photos tomorrow!



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