Hi everyone! I hope you didn’t wake up to April snow this morning like I did, and if you did, then I hope you’ve got the strength to trudge through it (because I certainly do not).

Anyway, here’s the next volume of For the Archives!



“Pay to Quit” is a program offered once a year by Amazon to their warehouse employees. Up to $5000 is up for grabs in an effort to weed out employees that are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” (i.e. just going through the motions). Apparently, these types of employees cost the US between $450-550 billion in lost productivity. Strategies such as this have been used by other companies such as Zappos and Netflix.



Ukranian photography Vyacheslav Mishchenko captures snails in their natural environment. It just goes to show you never know what kinds of worlds you’ll come across if you don’t get low from time to time.


SOURCE (and more photos)


Portrait photographer Martin Schoeller takes shots of American faces then digitally manipulates them to show what Americans will look like in 2050.

I think this is really cool! Huzzah to the decline of racial stereotyping!


SOURCE (and more photos)


Japan was first introduced to vending machines in the 1950s. Today, it has the highest per capita rate of vending machines in the world.

And I thought it was crazy the library at my school sold school supplies in vending machines. 

SOURCE (and more photos)


Invented by Colin Dowd, Stix Toys are interactive and they encourage self-assembly using items found in nature.


I figured since there are less items than I’ve posted before, I would include another cool product!



Invented by Zuta Labs and now on Kickstarter, the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is almost like a Roomba vacuum. You place it on a blank sheet of paper and it places the ink where you tell it to (though it’s not fast – 1.2 pages/minute)! It’s wireless, contains one ink cartridge which lasts for 1000 pages, and lasts 60 pages per charge. You can pre-order one HERE for $135.


I hope you enjoyed that Volume 4 of For the Archives! See you on the next one 🙂



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