Birds, etc

I hope everyone’s had a fun weekend! This next bombardment of photos was taken in both my front and backyard. I can’t believe I never realized how many birds are around my area.. I smell a bird feeder DIY coming around the corner..

But first, let me get in a little macro action (lol at my horrible #selfie reference).

I’ve come to the conclusion that pigeons are actually quite pretty…

… As long as they’re far away from you and not fearlessly flying straight towards you kamikaze style.

I think it would be a good idea to download some sort of bird encyclopaedia app.. If anyone knows what kind of bird is in the above photos please let me know!


Now this photo is far from good but how sweet is it that I got a hawk AND it’s prey! Saaa-weeet!


I do have to admit, though, that this cardinal literally chilling on the tree outside my house is just as sweet as the hawk.

As it turns out, the little guy wasn’t only chilling (as evidenced by it’s 5 minute long chirping session) …


… Because the Mrs. soon showed up! (She’s in the center of the photo). I wish I got a shot of her bright red beak!

I’m not sure if these photos properly convey this but to me, they’re a testament to the power of nature to make you happy. I was in the clouds for a good while after getting so lucky with the cardinals.

Have a good, restful night 🙂



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