Captain Jack Sparrow

Ohio!! I hope everyone’s had a lovely Saturday so far. Apparently this is my 101st post! How awesome and crazy is it how fast time passes…

Since I found my dad’s camera in his office a couple of months ago it’s been like another appendage. I thought I would share some (read: all) the photos I’ve taken so far in chronological order in a series I’ll call.. PHOTOBOMB. I hope you’ll enjoy following my journey of getting to know my DSLR. Here goes!

As you can guess from the title of this post, my first (and will probably be my most) photographed subject is Captain Jack Sparrow, a.k.a my chow chow!

(These were taken with my dad’s old Canon EOS D60 with either a Canon Zoom EF 28-80mm lens or a Tamron AF 70-300mm TELE-MACRO lens)




Some of the photos didn’t turn out the way I wanted but that’s to be expected from a nub sauce like me… I forgot to put the lens hood on…


Such a handsome fella. He’ll definitely be in more of posts in the coming future.

Have a good night everyone!



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