For The Archives, Vol. 3

Aloha! I’m sorry I’m having such a hard time keeping up with a schedule.. So many things are happening all at once, including an important interview I’ve got tomorrow so needless to say I’m alternating between banging my head into the wall and heaving into a paper bag. Anyway, I thought I would get out of my head for a while and see what’s been happening around the world.


Yesterday thousands of Rwandans gathered in the country’s main sports stadium in remembrance of the genocide that occurred 20 years ago. More than one million lives were lost in the horrific violence. While we can sit around and talk about who was at fault, this anniversary ultimately serves as a reminder of the horrible things we can do to each other and how long the pain of such acts really lasts.



Thierry Jamin, assisted by local NGOs plan on searching the Megantoni National Sanctuary in the Cuzco region of southeastern Peru in an effort to find “Paititi”. Paititi is said to be the site where the Incas hid their treasures from the Europeans after their invasion. The concern about this expedition does not center around the site itself but the potential threat to the health of the native tribes that inhabit the sanctuary, particularly the Nanti. A large part of the reason the sanctuary was created was to protect the indigenous people who have little resistance to modern diseases and sicknesses from the spread of illnesses from outsiders.



Photographer Mike Kelley spent the day at LAX snapping images of all the departing flights then combined them into one freaking cool photo.



Todd Miller built a 3 storey, 6000 square foot home out of shipping containers in Graceville, Australia. The industrial look and metal is offset by wood.



Research conducted at Thomas Jefferson University and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences has resulted in the Rhythm Downlight LED, a light bulb that can make you feel more energized or sleepy on cue. The research consisted of observing how people responded to different light wavelengths ranging from 440-600 nanometers (nm, indigo to orange). Melatonin levels were recorded after 90 minute intervals and it was concluded that 446-447 nm suppressed the production of melatonin which promotes drowsiness. This bulb can be put on a schedule through an app.



A lot of what draws me to coffee shops and cafes are their charm and character. The Dreaming Camera Cafe located south of Seoul in South Korea definitely fits the list.



A team from the University of California at (Davis) has hypothesized that the primary advantage of zebra stripes is to repel bloodsucking flies. It seems to be supported by an experiment conducted years ago where horse mannequins were painted in various patterns and coated in sticky fluid; the flies seemed to avoid the mannequins painted black and white. Warding off bloodsuckers are particularly important to zebras because of their thin coats of hair.



I guess the Rhythm Downlight LED could be considered the “cool product of the week” but since this fact didn’t occur to me, the CPOTW is the Cool Pot! Created by Swiss designer Thibault Faveri, the air cooler uses clay and evaporation to lower temperatures in a simple, energy efficient fashion. Hot air passes through a hole in the pot’s bottom, then cools as it passes through the pot’s interior cooling pipes.


That’s it for this this archive’s bits and bobs! See you tomorrow 🙂



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