FRIDAY FIVE (plus another five) (2)

Oh my gosh, I’m officially an idiot that can’t learn the difference between a draft and a published post. Gah. Anyway, here’s yesterday’s post:

Happy Friday! As promised, here’s a double dose of Friday Five (a.k.a my weekly obsessions)!


Rhett and Link talk about stuff and sometimes do things! Have you always wanted to wax your chest but were worried about the pain? Ever wonder about parallel universes? What about how hot the hottest pepper in the world actually is?  Watch their episodes and find out, but beware, when I discovered their show I clicked with the intention to watch just one episode and next thing I knew 5 hours went by.


I love how gemstone jewellery looks as if you found the stone randomly on a walk one day and strung it on a pretty chain; it’s such a “raw” look (technical term). These pieces are perfect for both casual and more formal occasions.

Click on the images to get more info on each individual piece!


I definitely did not give them enough credit last time I mentioned them. While their cover of Beyonce’s new album was enough to get me to subscribe, their absolute hilarity definitely made me stay. I bet you 5 bucks you can’t watch these videos and not laugh.


So German, so creative, so awesome.


I fell in love with this beauty before I even removed the packaging. It’s got an eraser, glue, a stylus, a burnisher, tweezers, and an exacto knife ALL IN ONE!!~ I take this bad boy everywhere.



This amazing photographer created this series of absolutely fantastical, surreal portraits with real animals (with their trainers of course). While putting the use of real animals factor aside, Katerina Plotnikova’s portraits feature such a soft lighted setting which makes it look straight from a fairy tale. Here are some of my favourites:

See more of these beautiful portraits HERE.


This TED Talk was particularly mind blowing for me. Erik Johansson takes multiple photos and combines them to create something otherwordly. His ability to envision such a creative, finished image, then take the time to plan it out and edit it is incredible.


Her Beyonce covers are so good I have to try extra hard not to be jealous when I watch her videos.


BBFs Professor X and Magneto take to NYC! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

See more HERE.


Both of these babies are on my wishlist. The next step is to decide which one….


Perfect transition weather songs! Let the soft yet upbeat sound of Royals lift your spirits, then let Fancy play as your get your spring/summer wardrobe ready! (Also Fancy gets extra points for their awesome Clueless allusion).

Phew, thanks for sticking with me! Have a good night 🙂



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