Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm (Redux)

I originally posted this in September of last year but I thought that since it’s been viewed on Pinterest a bunch of times, I would re do the post and make it more… Pleasing. This is most likely for my own satisfaction, but hey, the pictures are nicer 😉

Anyway, this is my DIY ultra (and I mean ULTRA) moisturizing lip balm!


You’ll Need:

– An empty lip balm container
– Coconut oil
– Petroleum jelly
– Glycerin
– Almond extract

The petroleum jelly will serve as the base for the balm; the coconut oil and glycerin as added moisturizers!


Use the back of a spoon to scoop some petroleum jelly into a microwavable container (I used a dixie cup).

Then scoop some coconut oil into your container. The amounts depend on how big your container is, my ratio of jelly:coconut oil is about 3:1.

Microwave your jelly/coconut oil mixture for about 45 seconds or until it’s nice and melted then pour it into your empty lip balm container.


Now put 2-3 drops of glycerin into the container and mix it with the spoon (I poked a hole in the paper covering of the glycerin bottle so it would come out as drops and not as a huge wave).


Lastly, add a little almond extract for a nice coconutty/almondy scent! Now pop the finished product in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes to set.

The texture is not as “hard” as I would like.. It’s actually more of a (high shine) gloss but that’s okay because I use it after I brush my teeth at night. This concoction is very similar in terms of consistency and moisturizing ability to The Body Shop’s Aloe Lip Care that I’ve been using since October. All in all, I’m super satisfied with this recipe and my lips are on it’s way to baby bottom level softness!



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