Pinterest Picks: Vanessa Hudgens

The snow is melting! Melting, I say! That means it’s time to pack the parka away, after giving it a thorough wash, of course… I’m so excited I won’t have to wear socks anymore!

Now I don’t really have a “style inspiration” but I definitely have to say that I identify the most with Vanessa Hudgen’s fashion choices. I always find myself reaching for slouchy, feminine tops and skirts because they’re just such an easy way to look cute but still be comfortable at the same time.

Vanessa Hudgens is the first name that comes to mind when I think of festival and bohemian style, and spring/summer fashion in general. There’s something about warm breezy days that just call for long flowy pieces made of light material. Add braids, patterns, and layered jewellery to any of these outfits to complete the look!

All hail the Queen of everything maxi!

And she can rock pants too. Ugh.

Glam? Check!

5bcb9515bb2f7df764d4fb281deee708 25b7797694989e154f2133676e14e4f4I mean… This is just not fair…

Vanessa Hudgens, I love you.



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