For The Archives, Vol. 2

I know I missed last week’s Friday Five but I swear I had it ready to go! I stupidly saved the post as a draft instead of publishing it 😦 So I decided that instead of posting a late Friday Five, I’ll just post a longer one this Friday.

Anyway, on on with today’s For The Archives!


The Spike S-512 super jet, scheduled for debut in 2018, features video displays on most of the interior instead of windows. These displays broadcast a live video feed from cameras set up along the exterior of the aircraft and also feature interactive displays that enable working or possibly gaming. The super jet is said to travel at mach 1.6-1.8, reducing travel times significantly (Los Angeles to Tokyo in 5 hours!).



In a perfect world, you would never have to add the stress of a late bus or train to your already full plate.. But alas, emergencies, technical difficulties, and life in general work together to ensure that this can never be the case. That is, unless you live in Japan. Click the video to learn more about how Japan’s public transportation system works!



I remember featuring Museo Subacuatico de Arte in a previous post but I just had to feature it again because I came across these awesome pictures with the sculptures covered in coral! This has definitely been written down on my bucket list destinations.



… Or should I say “text the text”. Apple recently filed a patent for “transparent texting technology” which replaces the white background used for texts with a live video feed from your iPhone camera so you can see what’s in front of you. Let’s just say this is by far my favourite advancement, just put away the phone! Fast Company, though, thinks that this may open doors for new augmented reality experiences.



Katerina Kamprani redesigns everyday objects by making them impractical but still usable. One of her goals is to get the audience to think about how much we depend on the convenience of everyday things. She urges us to be grateful to inventors who made things we use everyday more practical.



Developed by marine biologist Alex Andon, his jellyfish bowl (about $380-680) allows you to keep jellyfish as pets while keeping them healthy and happy. See his website here.



I’m not really a germaphobe but thinking about how many hands touched the subway pole I’m holding on to definitely makes me cringe. The “Cyclean system” is a self-cleaning conveyor belt-like subway strap. It’s self contained and doesn’t require power to operate so you don’t need to replace the entire subway. I would actually buy one if they sold it individually (self-cleaning or not, it’d be a good idea for personal use!).



Just plug it in and add water! Herbs will grow naturally in your kitchen. How awesome is that?!


See you tomorrow!



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