Friday Five – ONE

Hey all! I hope you enjoyed that tiny stop motion clip that I made as an intro to this post. I’m actually toying with the idea of starting all (or most, realistically) with little clips like that one.

Welcome to Friday! I’m happy that it’s here and the sun is shining but at the same time I feel like it was JUST Friday and that means that Monday is lurking in the shadows. Anyway, if you’re like me you have new obsessions every week and want to immerse yourself in everything; enter Friday Five! These are the five things I’ve had on my mind (and open on multiple Google Chrome tabs, of course) throughout this week.

Ready? Let’s go!

UNO: Superfruit

You probably already know who these two are and if not, you’re crazy! Just kidding, I hadn’t even found out about them until recently but better late than never. Superfruit consists of two members (Scott and Mitch) from the acapella group, Pentatonix (winners of the Sing Off a couple of seasons ago). The video below is of them covering Beyonce’s new self-titled album in under 6 minutes. They’re melodies are seriously divine… I actually think this is as close as you can get to being seranded by angels.

As I’m writing this post I’m listening to Pentatonix’s cover of Happy by Pharrell and COME. ON. This is just not fair.

DOS: Inside A Woman’s Mind At Target

I’ve been a fan of Thought Catalog since first year for the fact that there’s so much to read and it’s all written and critiqued by regular people/aspiring writers like me. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, there will always be something that catches your interest.

I love this particular article because I too share the illness that causes you to black out whenever you enter a department/dollar/TJX type store. It’s a real thing (that I just made up)! When you finally awake, you’re probably sitting in your car on your driveway staring at your receipt and you truck full of crap thinking “how the @#$% did this happen?”. Just yesterday I went to Walmart to grab ingredients to make food so I wouldn’t have to spend $20 on a meal just for me… When I went to pay I realized I had bought $7 in ingredients and $13 on other stuff which equals out to the same amount either way. Sigh.

Anyway, read the article and have a good laugh, as well as a good cry because it’s so damn relateable.


TRES: Lights Out

This next video is a really undeniably terrifying short film and I learned that there is no definite time frame you need in order for you to be scared enough to poop your pants. I’m joking, of course, but it felt quite real. It’s about a woman who is getting ready for bed when she thinks she sees something (spoiler: she actually sees it). I almost watched this before I went to be last night.. Thank god I saved it for the morning.

CUATRO: Wilhelm Staehle

I love Pinterest because it allows you to stumble across things you would not have encountered on your regular journeys through the interwebs. Wilhelm Staehle is an artist, specifically a silhouette crafter whose art is laced with wit and dark humour. He uses his silhouettes in a number of ways: in gifs, comics, and short stories, for example.

Here are a few of my favourites:

CINCO: Stop Motion

I bet you guessed this from the beginning of this post but I’ve saved the best for last! I’ve loved stop motion since I took a media arts class in grade 11 and it was one of our projects. There a number of things I love about stop motion: the first is that you don’t have to use one medium. You can use , props, paper, clay, photography, or even all four! I love the “roughness” about it (technical term). But most of all, I love the detail, attention, and patience that it required when working on stop motion. All these qualities really shine through in a good video.

I dug through vimeo and YouTube and here are some of my favourites:

Just an FYI that this one is a little disturbing and NSFW.. Still amazing though!

A Thousand Reasons from Dan Britt on Vimeo.

Nat Geo Adventure from Plenty on Vimeo.

Something about stop motion commercials makes me want to pay more attention than I do with regular ones.

The Bear & The Hare from Hornet Inc on Vimeo.

No Noodles from Tyler Nicolson on Vimeo.


Alrighty! That’s all for today’s Friday Five! Let me know what you’ve been loving this week 🙂


2 responses to “Friday Five – ONE

    • Thanks and thanks! 🙂 It was a fairly simple concept so it took about an hour-hour and a half to write everything and take pictures. The only downside is that you have to copy the same thing a bunch of times over, haha!


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