OOTD – March 14

I pronounce OOTD as “ooted” and it makes me giggle. Apparently I am 5 years old.



The sun was out yesterday after 2 days of ridiculous snow and cold and I’ve got warm weather on my mind! I figured it was time to break out the tripod and enjoy mild temperatures (and also to show off my awesome rain boots and thrift store finds). Sadly, though, as I write this today it’s freaking cold!



I got the plaid shirt and the leather backpack at a Value Village by my house – about 10$ for both!!!! I added extra emphasis because I cannot stress enough how much of a steal this is! Yeah the backpack has a few cracks in the straps and one of the buttons for the front pocket is missing but it’s nothing I can’t fix or deal with.



I understand why people don’t really like thrift stores (it’s people’s old stuff, who knows what its been through, etc etc) but I just love them. You never know what kinds of things you can find and a lot of the clothes look hardly worn! I think that you’re closing yourself off to an opportunity to find cheap, cool, vintage, one of a kind items (i.e. my backpack)! I hate having to shell out 20/30/40$ for a shift, especially the plaid one I’m wearing, but for 3-4$ each? Give me four!



That’s it for today! I know the outfit is nothing special or fancy but the fact that I could be a fool outside without a jacket is enough reason for a post don’t you think? 🙂

P.S. my boots are Rock & Candy, if you were wondering 😉



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