Roundup 3

Happy Friday! I hope you’re keeping warm and if you live somewhere that’s warm year-round, I hate you. (Joking of course, I’m just jealous). It’s time for another Roundup! 


ONE: The Codex Seraphinianus, W.T.F?

Since its creation in Rome in the 1970s by Luigi Serafini and its first publication in 1981, The Codex Seraphinianus has been considered truly bizarre and has been shrouded in mystery. The surreal illustrations were accompanied by a made up language that Serafini insists has no meaning. He states that a psychic cat told him what to write and draw. This codex is unique from others in that the author is not only known but is also alive.


Watch the video above to see more illustrations from The Codex Seraphinianus.


TWO: One more reason to drink coffee

A study by Johns Hopkins University produced evidence that caffeine can actually enhance memory. Participants in the study first studied images then took either a placebo or a 200 mg caffeine tablet (the amount in a strong cup of coffee); researchers found that those who took the caffeine tablet remembered the images better the next day than those who didn’t. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the study emphasized caffeine intake after studying rather than before.



THREE: And  one more reason to have sex!

Research conducted in the United States and South Korea has found that sex in mice and rats improved cognitive function. A team from the University of Maryland concluded that sex enhances neurons in the hippocampus which is associated with long term memories. The team from Kontuk University in South Korea further concluded that stress is a large inhibitor of neurogenesis but could be counteracted with sex.


A cow stands in her pen at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology in Castelar

FOUR: Burp bags

Argentine researchers from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology have been working on harnessing cow burps in order to convert the gas into usable energy. Cows are hooked up to tubes that carry gas from their digestive system to be stored in a balloon-like backpack; cows can produce up to 300L of methane per day. The researchers believe that when converted into usable energy, cow’s burps can be useful where conventional energy sources are not available.



FIVE: Sleep under the stars in your own room

Designed by Natalia Rumyantseva in St. Petersburg, the Cosmos Bed (still in its prototypic phase) not only mimics the sparkling night sky but it also imitates the sounds and smell of the outdoors.


SIX: Time-lapse gifs of blooming flowers

A collaboration between Yutaka Kitamura and Alexander Reeder capture flowers in bloom to show how brief a moment can pass and how transient life is.



SEVEN: Lego and an iPhone

Photographer Andrew Whyte is employing Lego figurines in his 365 day photo series which are taken in various settings.

AndrewWhyteLegographer7 AndrewWhyteLegographer13 AndrewWhyteLegographer15 AndrewWhyteLegographer20



EIGHT: “Durr” the vibrating watch

This watch doesn’t tell the time, instead it vibrates every five minutes which serves to increase hyperawareness of the speed at which time passes; the idea is to encourage productivity or to savour each passing moment.



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