Time for a long overdue post! Things with school (and life in generally) have become ridiculously crazy and balancing everything has become quite the struggle. But let’s put that aside for now and get on with another Roundup! Here are a few newsy, interesting, and sometimes downright weird things I’ve found floating around the internet.


ONE: Cocoon Tree

  • A tent for all settings! It’s spherical, aluminum, weighs 130 lbs,and can hold 2 people or a small family.
  • It is equipped with an external waterproof skin and mosquito screens.
  • Different versions are available depending on the setting (go to their website to design your own Beach Coccoon Tree or to see more photos).
  • Each tent is adaptable: it has feet for ground placement, a pole for fixing to the bottom of a lake, a floating ring for water use, and can be suspended in a tree.



TWO: Drugs Aid in Deforestation

  • An increase in deforestation in Honduras and Guatemala has occurred in order to facilitate landing strips for narcotic transport.
  • This is partly due to the increased pressure on narcotic trade in Mexico which has pushed traffickers to more remote areas.
  • Large-scale deforestation in Honduras has quadrupled between 2007-2011, along with an increase in cocaine movement within the country.
  • These more remote areas are poorly governed, and conservation groups are either threatened or bribed.



THREE: Largest Fossil Spider Found

  • Found in Daohugou, China. It measures 1.65 cm, with it’s first leg measuring 5.82 cm long.
  • Researchers say it’s an intermediary between primitive araneomorphs and the spiders that are common today.
  • Luckily the specimen was well preserved in volcanic ashes.


A tophet outside Carthage

FOUR: Child Sacrifices in Carthage

  • The argument in support of child sacrifice being performed in Carthage has existed since the early 20th century when tophets (cemeteries) were excavated on the outskirts of Carthage in Tunisia.
    • These tophets contained tombstones under which were urns with tiny bones carefully packed inside.
    • The children were also buried with sacrificed animals and inscriptions.
  • Child sacrifice was a practice likely limited to the elite as both cremation and burial were expensive.
  • Many of the inscriptions include the phrase “heard my voice and blessed me” which lead archaeologists to believe that it could not have been a coincidence that so many children died and were buried at the same time.



FIVE: Bar in a Baobab

  • Located in South Africa, a baobab called the “Sunland Big Baobab” was hollowed out and turned into a bar.
  • Baobabs, common in the hot and dry savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa, begin to hollow at approx. 1000 years old  creating caverns and caves.
  • This baobab is the widest documented so far and is 6000 years old (known from carbon dating).
  • The “Baobab Tree Bar” flaunts 13 feet high ceilings and can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people at a time.


Stay tuned for the next one!



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