Favourite L’Oreal Mascaras Review

Happy almost weekend everyone! I’m feeling a little bit blue about this fact because it means that reading week is over. Let’s just forget about that for now while I talk a bit about my all time favourite makeup product: mascara. I have to admit I hadn’t realized the potential of mascara until my final years of high school but I haven’t looked back since. I just love how open and bright it makes your eyes look! I truly believe that its the only product you need in your daily arsenal (aside from chapstick, of course).

Now to the main point of this post: my FAVOURITE mascaras. I’ve tried so many drugstore brands, brushes, formulas, etc., and let me just say that it was not always a smooth journey. Many a day was spent with raccoon eyes; definitely a look to stay away from. I have, however, emerged from under the rubble with 2 stand-outs from L’Oreal: Voluminous Million Lashes Excess and Voluminous Power 24H.

photo 32I’ve always been in love with naturally long, curly lashes but mine are short and straight. With mascara, though, magic is made.

photo 2The Voluminous Power 24H was the first “stand-out” mascara I tried and I fell in love with it in an instant. It’s really bold, gives you minimal raccoon eye, and the formula dries really quickly which is awesome if you rusher like me. Also check out the length!

photo 1The Voluminous Million Lashes Excess mascara is a more recent find and it hasn’t disappointed me as the other L’Oreal mascaras have (i.e. Voluminous Million Lashes, Smokey Eye, etc). The formula also dries quickly and is as bold as the Power 24H, though my lashes don’t get a much length (but that’s okay). The brush also surprised me because I haven’t had much success with a firmer brush (vs. a more “bristled” brush.. oh my, excuse my terminology) but this one is lovely!

photo 3And that’s that! Let me know below what brands of mascara you love! I’m always up for trying new products.

I’m also sorry for the creepy close ups of my eyes.







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