Valentines OOTD + DIY Gift

Post numero dos por jour! (Yes I am aware that I just mixed Spanish and French. I’m considering creating a new hybrid language, Franish. Oh Lord…)

*Note: I meant to post this last night, haha.

Anyway I thought I would end the day by looking at a couple of recent life things starting with Valentine’s Day goodies.

I haven’t posted a look for the LONGEST time; I blame the snow. I may look poised and composed in these photos but I assure you the time between setting the camera timer and running in front of it included a whole lot of slipping and sliding. I just had to take advantage of the relatively warm weather!






Cardigan: Target
Tank top: H&M
Asymmetrical skirt: Forever 21
Stockings: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Aldo

I had this pinned on my Crafts/DIY board on Pinterest for the longest time and I was super excited to actually get to do it for Valentine’s.

You need:
– Fruit Roll Ups
– A decorative box
– A circle cookie cutter
– Hand written fortunes!






All you need to do is:
Cut the FRU into circles (I had 3 layers)
– Place the fortune in the middle of the circle, fold it in half and press along the edges to make them stick
– Hold the 2 ends of the now-crescent “cookie” with your middle finger and thumb and press the middle inwards with your index finger
– Voila!

As a bonus you get this giant chunk of left over FRU! I’m actually ashamed to say it’s all been eaten.


It was ridiculously easy to make and the boyfriend loved it (along with the boxers I bought him)! Just make sure to brush your teeth well afterwards 😉

Last but not least, here’s a “cheeky” painting I saw outside a little art studio downtown. I would definitely hang that in my living room; make my guests super uncomfortable.




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