When you make art with your kids…

Sometimes those who say, do, or create the most inspired things are the most unexpected people. Today I thought I would share some works of art featuring children. I find these so inspiring and I hope you will too!

Mica Angela Hendricks lent her daughter her new sketchbook and had it returned to her with some very interesting additions to her unfinished pieces. See more of the collab on Society6! I want all of these for my future house.

Reddit user Tatsputin‘s childen draw him pictures for him to colour during his monthly work-related flights. Such an awesome idea! It must be so exciting to look forward to the finished product.

“Stop licking your feet!” – Something I overheard at work once. Designer Nathan Ripperger documents some of the bizarre things he’s said to his children. Check out his Etsy shop!

Finally, Angela Kelly and her son decided to make something beautiful out of something hostile when they blew bubbles out in the snow.

I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!



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