Pinterest Picks: How to be cute in the cold

Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂

The Pinterest Picks theme today is straight off my board “How to be cute in the cold”It’s basically an outfit inspiration board for the fall/winter/cold weather season.

I’ll start with a few variations of the same type of layered outfit that I’ve been sporting with some of my cold weather essentials: cardigans, skirts/dresses, and stockings! (And also tights and slouchy sweaters for lazy days).

I’ve actually gone through quite a big style change in that I never realized how versatile skirts and dresses are, and how easy it is to wear and style them. I cannot rave about it enough! Also the fact that winter = stockings and long cardigans takes away the worry about your bum showing and that’s always a bonus.

Check out some of these lovely skirts. Don’t be afraid to try out different prints and materials!

Or how about adding a splash of colour instead? (or as well… more is more, haha). It’s such an easy way to spiff up an outfit.

Now what about accessories? You will never go wrong with a huge comfy scarf or fancy socks or tights.

And finally, the frosting on the cake would be a gorgeous coat. Here are two of my favourite (I love the print on the first one and the style of the second one):

So there’s a look into the style that I’ve been completely in love with this season. There are so many possible combinations and you can even wear the clothes into the summer (sans layers)! Scroll back up to the top to get the link to my board, or see all of my Pinterest boards here.

Until next time!



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