Life, recently.

As I sit here eating Dunkaroos, watching Gilmore Girls, and going through photos I’ve taken since late November, it occurs to me that I should share some of them. Here’s a quick look at some room bits, family time, and other happenings!

First off, I’ve been doing a lot of room decorating/reno and I’ll probably do a whole post about it in the future when everything is more finished but here’s a quick look at some things I’ve picked up recently.

Everything froze just before Christmas! Thankfully neither my family nor I were affected badly by it and we were able to celebrate Christmas without problems.

Speaking of Christmas and family, here is (a fraction of) mine:

Oh, and here’s what I wore for Christmas day:

Here are some photos from an adventure to Ripley’s Aquarium with my cousins:

When we arrived we were met with this line.

The pictures don’t even capture the amount of people snaking OUTSIDE the place… I don’t even want to imagine how it was inside. Good thing these tickets are valid for a year, next time it is! So we went to Eaton’s Centre instead…

New years fits somewhere in here. Mine consisted of friends, games, drinks, and laughs; what more can a girl ask for? Maybe more pictures because I only took these two:

Now for a few other tidbits from the holidays:

So much seafood! I’m not complaining. That’s it for now! See you on  the next one.

P.S. if you guys haven’t seen, I’ve started a new blog called Thanks For All The Babel Fish (science, travel, animals, etc!) and if you’ve ever wondered if animals can predict disasters then click the link and head on over to find out!



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