Links of Posts Past

Hi! I hope everyone is well on their way to recovering from a crazy new years (because I am not, haha) and if you’re already back at work, I’m sorry.

Below are a few links to posts that I wrote on my other blog that are better fitted to be on this one. Enjoy!

Adventures in Artistic Dreamlands: I take a look at a number of artists whose work evoke a sense of “other worldliness”.

Planes, Flights, Travels, oh my!A look at travel in the 1930s, “flying nannies”, and more.

Fore-edge PaintingThese beautiful hidden scenes painted on book edges may be hiding in somewhere in your university’s library!

Halloween Mix UpWhile I admit that most of this post has nothing to do with this blog, the vintage costume photos are worth taking a look at (if you don’t giggle, I’ll give you $5… that’s doll hairs, not dollars).

Greenpeace DayI posted a number of really interesting and staggering Google earth gifs that show the consequences of human activity over time.

RotoscopingUsed largely by Disney, actors would dress up in costume and do a scene which would then be traced over, frame by frame. Check out the awesome pictures!

Why Did Pirates Wear Eyepatches?It wasn’t only a fashion statement.



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