Weekday Whimsy: Adventures In Artistic Dreamlands


It’s about time for another Weekday Whimsy, wouldn’t you agree?

I just got a Kobo Glo this past Monday and I have to say that I don’t know why I was so snobby when they ereaders first came out (however I’ll save this topic for another post). The bottom line is: ereaders are awesome because they’re so light and convenient, and you’re basically carrying a whole library wherever you go, which is great if you’re like me and can’t predict what sort of “reading mood” you’ll be in when you leave the house.

ANYWAY.. haha, I could rave about my Kobo for hours and hours. Instead, what I wanted to say about ereaders is that with all the different sorts of books you have on hand it’s so easy to immerse yourself in a new world and get away from reality for a bit. This is the reason why I love books, and it is also how I judge if I like the book or not. I’ve never really thought about art in this way, though.

I was flipping through my “art” tag on Pocket and I noticed that I’ve actually saved a good number of works by artists who create landscapes and scenes that indeed evoke “other worldliness”. Some of my favourites are below (artists above):

William Kass

Miniature-World-19-600x400 Miniature-World-22-600x400 Miniature-World-27-600x400 Miniature-World-29-600x400 Miniature-World-30-600x400 Miniature-World-33-600x400

Jacek Yerka

Christian Schloe

Kisung Koh

JR Schmidt

That’s it for today’s Weekday Whimsy! I hope you enjoyed a little escape from reality as I did 🙂



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