I pretended I was a mermaid for a day…

Hey guys! So on Monday le boyfriend and I ventured downtown to the all new Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

The coral reef was probably my favourite section. It’s crazy how some of the fish look alike in terms of shape, face, fins, etc but are completely different at the same time in their “makeup” (and I mean that literally, haha, they looked like they got up early to make themselves presentable to us!)

I love love love aquariums! It satisfies my wish to either be a fish or to be forever in (in this case, near) the water without actually having to live in the water because fish actually really freak me out. They’re just so… freaky… Except for jellies. They’re cool.

I also took a few vids and put them together in a semi-vlog. Enjoy!



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