Weekday Whimsy: Planes, Flights, Travel, Oh my!

Since a ton of people will be traveling this weekend for American Thanksgiving and for the Christmas holidays, I thought I would take a look at some travel/plane related things for today’s Weekday Whimsy!

We’ll start with time traveling back to the 1930s, and take a look at the British Imperial Airways when air travel was still a novel concept and not a part of our everyday lives.

Imperial Airways came together in 1924 and was the only British airline in the 1920s and 1930s. It’s mission was to make the Empire feel smaller and accessible (to those who could afford it).

People most definitely experienced style and comfort (arguably more than the common person would experience on a flight today) BUT it was incredibly expensive and took a considerable amount of time.

A flight from London to Brisbane (12 000 miles, the longest flight IA offered), for example, took 11 days, had 24 scheduled stops, and could cost as much as $22 000 when adjusted for inflation!


The same flight from London to Brisbane today would only take 22 hours, have a single layover in Hong Kong, and cost approximately $2000!

I think I’ll take a slightly less comfortable seat in exchange for shorter travel time and $18 000 in my pocket 😉

I got these facts from Paleofuture! Click here to read the whole article.


Etihad Aiways introduced “special traveler liaisons” for children on their flights called “Flying Nannies”. They’re trained in children psychology, behaviour, and development at Norland College.

You can recognize them by their bright orange aprons. They’re equipped with “kid kits” that include stickers, cardboard, and other materials to teach children simple arts and crafts, and origami; they even teach magic tricks! All the activities are intended to retain the children’s focus and interest while remaining seated.

Read the rest of the article here and watch their promotional video below!


Speaking of children, the parents of baby twins handed out candy to their fellow flight passengers as an apology in advance in case their babies cried.

They didn’t.

Definite parenting/consideration WIN!

Read more here.


I came across a list of things you could do if your flight is delayed or you have a layover so lastly I thought I would share some of my favourites, as well as a couple of my own!

  • Brainstorm/Write: about what? Well.. anything! I find that I have a ton of little ideas floating around my head and writing them down gets them out and makes room for new ideas to pop up. You might come up with the plot of the next NY Times best selling book!
  • Make lists: I’m sure you have a ton of things you need to do (laundry, study, shop for your mom’s birthday, etc), why not start jotting them down while you wait for take off?
  • Prep for or recap your trip: If you’re departing for your trip, make a list of things you want to do when you get there. If you’re on your way home, you know you’ll be thinking back on the time you had so why not start flipping through pictures and memories while you wait?
  • Listen to some good poscasts: I’ve recently discovered the Ricky Gervais show. I love Karl Pilkington (mostly because he says everything that I’m thinking).. I definitely recommend it! Also HowStuffWorks produces some pretty good ones.
  • Catch up on reading: If you’re anything like me you’ve accumulated tons of books (actual and e-books) and/or saved a ton of articles to read later.. Most of which has yet to happen. Take this down time as a change to get started!


Okay, that it for today’s Weekday Whimsy! I hope everyone has safe travels

(And if you’re still iffy, take heart in the fact that you weren’t on Flight 666 to HEL from Copenhagen that took off on Friday September 13, 2013)




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