Weekday Whimsy: Bound 2 + Douche Chills

Everyone knows the feeling you get when you see someone embarrassing themselves (especially in a group of people). You feel sympathy because you would not want to be in their position, but mostly frustration because embarrassing person in question has the demeanour of a Victoria’s Secret model strutting down the runway. All you can do is cover your eyes and watch through the spaces between your fingers. You don’t walk away, of course, because along with sympathy and frustration, you feel joy in the fact that it wasn’t you who was embarrassed for once.

I suppose this commentary would make more sense if you watched Kanye West’s music video for his song Bound 2. I’m not saying that I don’t like any of Kanye’s music because my iTunes library has some evidence stating otherwise BUT I’m not a fan of his cocky and obnoxious personality. I’ve always been one to overlook an artist’s “antics” – case in point, the Queen, Britney Spears.. however Kanye West is just.. ugh.. and this video/song is equally as “ugh”.. But watch the video anyway. Only once though because it has been proven that brain deterioration quickens and your ego explodes exponentially every time you play a Kanye song.

That was a long winded way of introducing my Weekday Whimsy post, Mamrie Hart’s recipe for Kanye West Douche Chills! It’s part of an awesome video series called You Deserve A Drink. Enjoy and have a good Monday! (What’s left of it anyway).



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