Game Of Thrones Part 1: Cast

I just noticed that…

Thomas Brodie-Sangster = Sam (Love Actually) and Jojen (Game Of Thrones)

tbs1 = tbs2

Now let’s take a short pause to watch this cuteness:

Okay, now on with my (most likely late) realizations about the cast of GOT…

Hannah Murray = Cassie (Skins) and Gilly (Game Of Thrones)

hm1 = hm2

Joe Dempsie = Chris (Skins) and Gendry (Game Of Thrones)

jd` = jd2

And finally, Mackenzie Crook = Johnny White (Skins) and Orell (Game Of Thrones)

mc1 = mc2

One more pause to watch the scene from Skins where Thomas effectively makes Johnny White poop his pants. Any contest/bet/etc involving hot peppers should automatically be rejected:

Anyway, I just wanted to share my surprise with you all. It’s always awesome to see actors from your favourite shows/movies play characters completely unlike those you know them for (and play them well). I’ll be back soon with another GOT themed post!

I hope all is well with everyone!



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