Random Word Week has now become Random Word Wednesday! This time it’s going to stick, I swear haha. Okay so let’s get started with this week’s word, salt.

“Personalised / Personalized Salt & Pepper Shakers for Anniversary, Wedding or Engagement Gift, or just for your lover” by JoyNevada

“Ceramic Monster Salt Cellar Sculpture Foodie Fun Unique Kitchen Ware MADE TO ORDER” by MuddyHeart

“Salt Cellar, with Red Dots” by FoodieCeramics

“Peppermill and salt grinder white oak set pepper mill” by tealandgold

These for listings are examples of the types of things I’m attracted to when I shop for.. well anything! They are quirky, unique, and are sure to be focal points in your dining room/kitchen.

“Dead Sea Bath Salt Set. 3 Types. Essential Oils. 100% Natural Vegan Handmade.” by HerbivoreBotanicals

A bath is just not complete without some salt! (I’m also a sucker for pretty packaging and these take the cake)

“Sriracha Salt” by SugaredSpiceShop

Only since I started working in a store that sells gourmet food last year have I been aware that there are other types of salts other than the regular kitchen kind. This one is one of the most interesting I’ve seen! Mmmmm….

“Salt Water Cure Art Print – Salt Water Quote – Beach House Ocean Decor – The Cure for Anything is Salt Water. Sweat, Tears, or the Sea” by BySamantha

This is such a pretty print of one of my favourite quotes that I wholeheartedly believe it to be true. Perfect for any room in the house!



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