Bye bye Montreal, hello real world…

Montreal is hands down one of my favourite places to visit. Visiting every summer with my family was a trip I would look forward to starting in January. Going back with friends last (and this summer) definitely added another dimension to my love of this city. We went without a car which allowed us to walk everywhere, seeing many things we would have otherwise overlooked (my injured foot was totally worth it).

We stayed at Hotel Viger for the second year in a row. I would most definitely recommend this hotel. It’s in the perfect location between Old Montreal and a short walk away from Downtown Montreal. It’s small, and not fancy or anything, but it’s perfect for the price ($360 CAD for 5 nights and it had a mini fridge), the rooms are clean, and the staff is so friendly.

Montreal is one of the places I can see myself moving to. I’m just so attracted to the vibe and the atmosphere of this city. I’m in love and I cannot wait to go back. (I’m going to split up my pictures between posts.. Biodome pictures coming later this afternoon!)


Pink. Ninja. Cult. Yes I considered joining on the train ride to Montreal.



Top: All I could imagine on that giant movator/escalator at Station Beaudry was tumbling down it (yes it was fun)
Bottom: Downtown Montreal. We walked by later that night and they were playing Skyfall…………………… (sorry, had a “zoned-out-because-Daniel-Craig” moment)


Two awesome bars, two awesome beers.
LEFT: La Creme de la Creme Cafe (21 Rue de la Commune Est, Old Montreal), beer: Boreale, blonde
RIGHT: L’Amère à Boire (2049 St Denis St Montreal, Downtown Montreal), beer: Cerna
As you can tell, I’m a fan of blonde/lighter beers. These two are so good with a minimal aftertaste.


I was so happy to see that these were still up from last year on St. Catherine. I love The Village!



Crazy display in The Village. Good thing we had a pen on us!



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